Idea of
the place

Roosevelta 22 is a brand new concept born in the very centre of Poznań.

Already comprising the Concordia Design centre of creativity and business, it will soon also include an innovative Bałtyk office building, and a Courtyard between them.

The fusion of business and the creative sector, "old" and "new" architecture, as well as a variety of functions offered by both these buildings foster the creation of a vibrant meeting place conducive to creative exchange. We would like this space to buzz with life, business, design and creative entertainment, to integrate Poznań's local communities and tourists. We want to develop a democratic, accessible yet unique urban space, attracting all people open to new ideas.


Roosevelta 22 is an example of conscious design and harmonious blend of "old" and "new" architecture

On the one hand, there is the 19th-century Concordia Design building, while on the other hand we have the innovative, bold and eye-catching office tower of Bałtyk, designed by one of the world's leading architectural studios – MVRDV from the Netherlands, specializing in multifunctional buildings. In this case, due to the combination of Concordia with the Courtyard, and the careful selection of service outlets, cafes, bars and restaurants, the prefix 'multi-' becomes even more meaningful.



The official start of construction for
the new office building Bałtyk.

On the 26th of November, a press breakfast was held in Concordia Design and the ground was symbolically broken on the construction site of Bałtyk. Together with journalists and guests, we discussed the role of new city centers and we officially presented the new concept of 22 Roosevelt St.


The Courtyard is the core of the new concept – a place for meetings, creative exchange of ideas, and integration of various communities

It is a democratic, open space inspired by the best architectural traditions, designed in such a way so as to ensure a friendly environment for everyone. The Courtyard is also the meeting point of Bałtyk and Concordia Design, where an interesting scenario of events, shows and exhibitions will be offered all year round thanks to the synergy effect. Additionally, the concept encompasses cafes, bars and small service outlets, e.g. a bakery or a florist shop. With selected tenants and numerous green 'islands' with benches, this unique place will be welcoming for everybody.


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